Thanks for your Support!

Donate An Instrument

If you have a used instrument gathering dust? Donate it to the Fairbanks Community Band! In most cases, the estimated value of the instrument can provide a tax benefit. Contact the band via email to donate your used instrument.

Make a Charitable Gift Annuity*

This enables you to make a gift to FCB while you receive fixed annual payments for life. There may also be tax benefits to you.

Name Us as a Beneficiary*

You can name FCB as a beneficiary to your life insurance policy. You can also donate the entire policy to FCB and take a charitable deduction for the cash value of the policy.

Provide For Us In Your Will*

One of the simplest ways to make a lasting gift to FCB is to provide for us in your will or estate plan by stating that a certain sum be conveyed to FCB from your estate (a specific bequest) or that a percentage of your estate - after specific bequests have been made - be conveyed to FCB from your estate (a residual percentage bequest). FCB's tax ID number is 92-0155965.

*Donors should consult with their attorney when drafting a will or other legal documents and with their financial advisor when preparing estate plans.