Meet The band

Miriam Braun

Piccolo and Flute player, Miriam Braun lead the band's governing board through the covid epidemic. She has played with the band for over 10 years and absolutely loves playing and sharing music with people. At home She loves her two cats Kisa, and Thor, and is active in her local synagogue and other community groups. 

Clarinet, Dick and Ginger Stock

On a sunny summer day in 1993, I received a call from my former Fairbanks High School band friend and Flute/Piccolo player, Fred Brown. "Hey Dick, we're trying to reform the Fairbanks Community Band, and you've got to get involved." Even though I had played a variety of clarinets in band, orchestra, and even a German band, my last performance dated back to 1961, in the University of Oregon marching band,  I agreed to get involved, though I wondered if I could still play the clarinet, and where it was even located.The first rehearsal for the newly formed Fairbanks Community Band took place in the Lathrop High School music room—a nostalgic return to the past for both Fred and me, as we had spent three years playing there. Unfortunately, the first rehearsal proved challenging for me. I chose to play the 3rd clarinet part, but would have played 5th if there was one! I could still read the notes, but translating them from my brain to my fingers seemed nearly impossible. 30 years was a long time! Over the following months, I experienced great embarrassment due to my lack of ability, and the thought of quitting crossed my mind. However, gradually, my skills started to return, not completely, but enough for me to once again find joy in playing.I am grateful to Fred for introducing me to the Fairbanks Community Band, as it has become a meaningful part of my and my family’s life. In an earlier, 1947 incarnation of the FCB, my brother, Walter, played flute when he was just 13 years old. My daughter Ginger is also a proud member of the band and helps carry on our family's musical tradition. I've had the privilege of helping my two granddaughters, Piper and Kaitlyn, as they embark on their journey of learning to play the clarinet. The Fairbanks Community Band has truly created a musical legacy within our family.