Meet The band

Conductor, Greg Balvanz

Greg Balvanz has been the conductor of the Fairbanks Community Band from January of 2015 through 2019. Born and raised in Iowa, Greg has a Bachelors Degree in Music from Luther College in Deborah, IA, and a Masters Degree in Music Performance: Conducting, from UAF.  From 1981 to 1988, he taught secondary music education, instrumental and vocal, in Wisconsin and Minnesota.  In 1988, Greg joined the US Army as a clarinet player, serving with the 82nd Airborne Division Band at Ft. Bragg, NC, in Desert Storm.  He went on to serve as a woodwind specialist and vocalist in the 3rd Infantry Division Band at Bamberg, Germany and the 1st Cavalry Division Band at Ft. Hood, TX.  In 1996, he was selected to become a Bandmaster and Commander of Bands. He served as the Commander of the 98th Army Band at Ft. Rucker, Alabama (1997 - 2001), the 9th Army Band at Fort Wainwright, Alaska, (2001-2004), the Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps in Washington DC (2004-2010) and the First Corps Band at Fort Lewis, Washington, (2010-2013). After 25 years of service, Greg retired from the Army, moved to Fairbanks and started the Living Well Handyman business. Besides his military opportunities, Greg has been a guest conductor with the San Antonio Symphony Orchestra, a guest conductor at the National Band Association Hall of Fame of Distinguished Band Conductors at Troy University along with numerous high school band festivals.  He also conducted the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church choir in Reston, VA (2004-2010).  He was a member of the International Conductors Guild and continues to stay active within the larger conductors community.

Assistant Conductor, Campbell Longworth

Campbell Longworth (right) is a local middle school music teacher. His main instrument is trumpet, and has played since middle school. Campbell has performed in many local music, theater, and opera productions. He also plays viola in a local orchestra, and sings in a local choir. Born in Petersburg Alaska, Campbell moved to Fairbanks for University where he earned Music Education degree. He has been with the band since 2015.

President, Rainn Setren

Originally from upstate New York, Rainn moved to Alaska in 2020 right before the Covid-19 pandemic. From piano and voice lessons early on in life, to the quintessential moment of picking her instrument in 5th grade, Rainn always had a love for music and music of all kinds! It didn’t matter what genre; if it had a melody or a catchy rhythm you could guarantee she’d be singing along. 
Over the years she has worked with local organizations and non profits to bring music back into her local communities. Groups such as The Weekend of Chamber music working along side distinctive flutist Judith Pearce, the Delaware Valley Opera Association, the Sullivan County Community Chorus and many others. 
Rainn is proud to play flute and piccolo with this incredible group of talented musicians. When she is not playing she can be spotted at the local hockey games or enjoying snuggles on the couch with her two dogs Bailey and Bernie! 

Vice-President, Erin Janoso

Erin has played trumpet with the Fairbanks Community Band since 2015. That was the summer she overheard someone talking about this thing called a ‘community band’ at the Ester 4th of July BBQ. She’d loved playing in band all the way through her school years and never meant to stop when she graduated…… She just hadn’t known about any playing opportunities that still existed. So when she found out there were no auditions to join this group, and that the band would even loan her a horn until she could retrieve hers from her parents’ basement in Virginia (where it’d been stashed, waiting, for 20 years…..), she never looked back. 
She loves playing now as much as she ever did while in school, and has also joined the UAF Wind Ensemble, and even North Star Strings, with her violin. Thursdays – Community Band rehearsal days -- remain her favorite day of the week though. So, if you’ve got an instrument that’s been stashed, waiting on you since your school days, come on out and join us. There’s nothing more fun than playing music with your friends!

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